Too many choices…

apple color dyedfiber                    dyed fiber                  red fiber                seafoam dyed fiber

As you can see: I have been very busy dyeing fiber.  The first photo reminds me of apples…yellow/golden, granny smith and red. Now I just need to decide on combinations.                                                                                                                                                                              tropical fish   I spun this fiber yesterday. I plan to start knitting a herringbone neck warmer.  The pattern looks quick and easy. Finding just the right buttons will complete the project. Maybe MacGyver can whittle me up some wooden ones. My  daughter thought the colors reminded her of tropical fish.

Did I tell you I was taking weaving classes. This is my first project….a rag rug. My teacher tied up the warp for the loom. Since I am not ready to string the loom myself for my next project….”Remember I mentioned, I may use the green and rhubarb dyed wool for the seat cover for the ladies bench I have”, this original 2′ by 3’rag rug for in front of the refrigerator….may turn into a runner. If it ends up 5′ or longer it will go up to the cabin.




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