Age of Knitting

knittingwWW1posterI have been looking around the web trying to find when historians believe knitting started. They really aren’t sure. Knitting needles are just sticks with points. When found, are they knitting needles or kindling? Yarn was valued. When a knitted garment was either too small or ragged the item was unraveled and the yarn used again in another project. Also aged knitted items fall apart or disintegrate with time.


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  1. What a great poster! Where did you find it? I would be interested in ordering a print.

    I’ve been knitting for about six years, and I’ve read several books/articles about the “beginning” of knitting. We may never know when or how, but it absolutely was so important to daily life!

    • If you click on the picture it will lead you to the site. It is in the public domain. I don’t know where you can purchase one…maybe ebay. Because it is in the public domain, you might be able to download the .jpg to a photo store online and have them make you a poster. Did you see the “Extreme Knitting” entry? That’s a lady on a mission.
      Hope you get your poster.

  2. Love the poster!

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