A Sunday of Spinning

Brookfield Craft Center   Brookfield, CT

Brookfield Craft Center Brookfield, CT

The weather was perfect, 78 degrees with a little breeze and sunny. The sun had the same vibrant orange color as the bamboo top, I had just dyed. I have always found that shade of orange captivating since, when I was younger, my mother let me pick the colors of my knitted sweaters. So when my weaving teacher asked me if I would volunteer to spin for three hours, it was this burnt orange that I took with me. I was excited for the opportunity to spin this up and in such an exciting happening. It was “OPEN HOUSE” at the Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, CT.


Sunday, September 6

1:00 – 4:00pm

The campus is comprised of 6 buildings and 8 studios. They have classes in glass, clay, fiber, wood and metal. They also have a gallery.

Two women from my weaving class showed up. One came to weave, The other woman to tour the facility. She took a Tai Chi class, that was given outside. It is an old mill so there is a stream that runs alongside. My teacher (on staff), Barbara Hurley, was there and spun also.

The fiber studio is a nice big very open room that is mostly windows and doors…so the light and fresh air was abundant.  There were two weavers, two spinners and a knitter and a felter, The knitter  (on staff), Chris Berte,  had a scarf in a pillar stitch. I think its similar to the herringbone stitch, beautiful. (I’ll try it and get back to you.) The felter, felted clothes, and had this enormous felted Crow marionette, that could pick things up off the floor.

Hand dyed Burnt Orange Bamboo roving Burnt Orange Bamboo yarn

I answered a lot of questions. Saw a lot of people. Hopefully enticed someone to give it a try. A number of people said they had spinning wheels in their houses, that had been passed down to them. I told them how lucky they were. I was lucky too. I had a delightful day.

The day went by quickly. I got quite a bit spun of my burnt orange bamboo.


3 Responses

  1. This looks absolutely beautiful. Perfect for this fall 🙂 This makes me excited for the leaves to start changing colors. I’m glad you had such a good time!! Keep me posted… ❤

  2. Thank you, I am glad you like it. It reminds me of Autumn, also. Sweaters and sunny, cool days and cold nights.

  3. Beautiful, I love orange too and find myself dyeing orange alot.

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