Z and S Twist in the Garden

I was in my garden this past week noticing the growth, the plants, put on this summer. What put a smile on my face was nature’s own way of spinning and weaving. Also known as twining. These are vines that encircle vertical supports.

5 Leaf Akebia quinata vine

'Z' and 'S' Twisting Plants

'Z' and 'S' Twisting Plants

A Z or S twist can sometimes help determine the type of plant you have. For instance Chinese wisteria vines (Wisteria sinensis) versus Japanese wisteria vines (Wisteria floribunda). These vines are beautiful, fragrant and the potential to be very invasive. So a word of caution here: if you decide to grow them you will need to be a hands on gardener. Be ruthless about keeping their growth checked. Prune often. You have a Chinese Wisteria if it is growing in a counterclockwise direction  and Japanese Wisteria if it is growing in a clockwise direction . These do well in zones 4 – 9.

What’s twisting in your garden?


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