Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting

Knitting is never out of style though it goes in waves.  It is now at its crest once again. It’s a wonderful pastime that young and old enjoy. This is a great way to introduce young people to “knitting”.  Start by picking a colorful, chunky yarn. There is no need to worry about sharp objects, there aren’t any. A safe way to teach children. Watch the video and within a few minutes you will have learned this easy technique.

If you should want a wider finished piece, add your thumb. If you are knitting to tightly, widen your fingers. If you find the knitted piece is too loose, close your fingers a little. The end result can be a scarf… (a large plastic threaded yarn needle and snaking back and forth between two chains) make it as wide as you want by sewing more chains together. Other items that can be made are belts, drawstring handbags (from making a coil), hair ties, doll rugs, etc. It will keep little hands busy and using their imaginations.

This will be a nice initiation into knitting. Finger Knitting will help them with the concept of knitting stitches, without  the worry of dropped stitches.


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