A Tweed is a twill



Twill fabric is characterized by the design of a diagonal line stair-stepping across the fabric. This type of fabric is more stain resistant than a flat-weave (non-pile). 

Tweed is a type of twill, wool cloth. Herringbone and houndstooth  are two-color patterns, woven or knitted into the tweed fabric. Herringbone got its name from the spine structure of a herring. Herringbone is a made up of columns with a diagonal pattern that alternates every column, forming a “v” pattern.



Houndstooth pattern originated in the Scottish lowlands.
Herringbone and houndstooth require carrying the yarn color along the back (as in Fair Isle ). Traditionally done in two colors, one light and one dark,(white and black). Click on the photo of the herringbone socks for the pattern.


Herringbone socks

Knit the pattern below in the round. The pattern then allows the stitches to be all knit. It will make nice houndstooth socks. Remember to carry both colors of yarn, this may be done more easily by wrapping both colors on a bobbin.

Knitting Bobbin

knitting bobbin

 Houndstooth pattern;

               round 1: K1 light, K3 dark

               round 2: K3 dark, K1 light

               round 3: K2 light, K1 dark, K1 light

               round 4: K1 light, K1 dark, K2 light


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