Knitting needles of various materials

Most knitters and crocheters have a lot of hand me down needles and hooks. I am guessing you were first taught with a needle or a hook that was made of metal (most common material). The first needle or hook you purchased was probably  metal when you needed a size you didn’t have. Metal was what you were familiar with.

At the start, I found metal (aluminum) needles were fun to use, in part because of the sound they made. With time the clicking can become a distraction. Metals are smooth making knitting faster for some. On the downside they are very slippery, often loosing a stitch or two as it slips off the needle.

If you haven’t tried wood, you will be in for a treat. The needles in the picture above are made from Birch. Wood  has a nice feel in the hand. As you knit the needle warms up from the heat of your hands. They are light and smooth but not too slippery, or sticky. 

 Bamboo has the feel of wood, but can tend to be sticky. They are  mostly imported.

Plastic needles are flexible. One problem is that if bent they may be stressed enough to remain bent. They are inexpensive.

Glass (Pyrex) needles are starting to become available. They are heavy in the hand. They seem more like a novelty  though might be fine for small projects.

Material choice is personal. If you have only had the opportunity to try one type…maybe now is the time to treat yourself. This might be just the thing to renew your interest in a project you have set aside.

Knitting examiner


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