Felting techniques

                                                                                                                      Needle felting

Wool can be easy to felt. Probably even easier if it isn’t deliberate. There are several felting techniques. They are needle felting, recycled, wet and knitted felting.

Needle felting  is accomplished by using a thin barbed needle. The barbed needle tangles the barbs on the wool, locking them into place. You can make figures…if this interests you….the internet will show you how to make them. Decorative accents (flowers) can be added to garments or handbags.

Recycled wool sweaters from your local second hand stores or hand me downs are perfect for felting in the machine. They can be used to make new articles of clothing. Once an item is felted, it can be cut with a scissors and there is no fear of unraveling. Using a clothing pattern or making your own, you can then cut and sew the pieces together.

You can make bowls and scarves with the wet felt method. The technique requires wool roving or fleece. If you are interested check out felting-wool.

Then there is always knitted felting. This is great if your gauge is really off and the finished item is way to large. If this is your intention then, knit on oversized needles. With all that extre room, the stitches have an easy time felting with one another.

Hope one of these methods interests you. I would love to hear what you think and see what you make.

Knitting examiner


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