Table Napkins

The original napkin…after cleaning ones hands on the house dog…was a ball of dough. This was called apomagdalie. The Spartans used this method.

During the Middle Ages in France the napkin was born. People would wipe their hands on the tablecloth. The soiled cloth would need changing regularly. The idea was born to separate the tablecloth into sections.

The diners of Rome brought their own napkins to a feast. They used their napkin to take home the uneaten food.

Napkins of the time were spun linen and woven on looms.

The standard napkin size during the 1600’s was 35″ x 45″. Once the fork was accepted by the classes during the 1700’s, the size of the napkin diminished in size.

“To make ends meet” came from the mid 1700’s. Men at the time wore ruffled shirts and they tied the napkin around their necks to protect their shirts.

In the United States, the napkin is placed on the left. In Europe the napkin is placed to the right of the spoon.

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  1. What an interesting history! It is hard to imagine a time when silverware is not part of eating.

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