Are you a knitting frogger?

What is a knitting frogger? Someone who will take the item they are knitting and for various reasons will “rip it, rip it, rip it.”

Reasons for ripping out your work can range from finding out your gauge is all wrong to having made a mistake too many rows back to fix easily.

Swatching is a necessary evil…but like many of us, the pattern is there, the needles are waiting and you want to just sink your fingers into the yarn. Those of us who don’t fall into the group who make a swatch gauge are froggers.

Dreaming about the completed item and knitting a complex stitch on auto-pilot will also make a frogger out of you.

If you want to prevent frogging you will need to make a few adjustments. Every few rows you will need to get in the habit of checking your work. The faster you find the mistake the easier it is to fix.

Keep a count of the number of stitches you are supposed to have on your needle. One less and you dropped a stitch. A simple knit or purl dropped stitch is easy enough to fix if only a few rows back. Use a crochet hook equivalent to the size of your needle. Anything more then a few rows and you will notice the fix by the tension on the yarn.

If you have an extra stitch, check for a splitting of the yarn, making one stitch into two. You will need to rip out until you get to the error. A way to help prevent splitting: Don’t stick your needles into the yarn ball or completed item. Split yarn weakens your work.

Another way increasing occurs is by picking up a stitch from the row below. Often this happens with newbies, and at the end or beginning of a row.

You have your eye on the finished piece. Keeping your eye on the work as you knit will allow that to happen sooner.

Knitting examiner


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