It seems these days if you have an iphone,  itouch or  blackberry, you are carrying a lot in your hand.


iSpin Tool Kit is a spinning reference and various tools, including ruler,  twist angle gauge,  calculators, wpi  and a niddy noddy converter among other things. cost through itunes $4.99


KnitGaug;e $.99 This app calculates your gauge by using your iphone sideways on a swatch, drag the needle images to both ends of the stitches you have knitted. Your gauge is calculated in inches and centimeters.

Iknit Needle sizer;  $.99 Lay your needle or crochet hook on the blank line that fits the best. to find the size.

 JKnit; It will remember where you left off on a pattern, plus tell you what to do next.

ConvertKnit; $.99  Converts needle size, yarn weight, units.


There are craft video downloads for $.99  CraftVideo… crochet tutorials

This is a sampling of what is out there. They are continuously improving and changing. If you don’t see it today, it will be there tomorrow.

If you could design your own app…what would it do?

knitting examiner


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