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Have you created a number of your own patterns? Did you ever give thought to making them available to others for free or as an income generator? Writing an electronic book, or better known as “e-book,” offers an easy and very inexpensive way of offering your creative patterns to thousands of people online. An e-book runs about 50 to 100 pages and covers a very specific topic. An e-report runs about 25 pages and is not as thorough in its coverage.

These books can be downloaded from your Web site; placed on book selling sites, such as; and/or put on CDs. 

This year, e-books are replacing blogs as the most important information and marketing vehicle for Web sites. Growing numbers of people are starting to read traditional books, such as novels, as well as e-books and e-reports on e-book readers, like’s “Kindle,” and many more people are reading e-books on their mobile devices.

People love information, especially when it is about a topic they enjoy. A number of different fiber (knitting, crocheting) sites already have e-reports for free or a fee. 

Since you have your patterns created on paper or in your mind, all you need for the e-book is a cover, table of contents, and short paragraph or two introducing each creation. You may want to jazz up the book with some graphics, color and headlines. 
 For more information, see Sharon’s e-report about free tips on producing e-books

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