The word kimono means “things to wear”. The plural of kimono is kimono.

  This site walks you through the Jomo period before 300 Ad (primitive) to the Edo period 1601-1867 and what clothing looked like. I was very surprised to find that it was as late as the Nara period 710-792 AD that kimono as we would recognize them, came into fashion.

The  artistry including the cut and color, besides season, culture and society are reflected in these garments conveying social messages. Since the garment is belted, it requires one side overlapping the other.  Kimono are overlapped with the left side over the right (except for burial).

A single bolt of fabric is called a tan. One kimono could be made from the bolt, 14 in wide x 12 1/2 yds long. Silk kimono are so expensive that they are recycled into other useful items and accessories.

I am in the process of finishing up knitting a dofuku. Mine is in a burnt orange with a brown yarn at the join of the arm and of the cuff seam. A dofuku is a short  jacket traditionally worn by Samori. I got the pattern out of Knit Kimono.    Knit Kimono book review


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