Dish towel part II

10 yards of warp = 12 completed towels. It is amazing how one design can vary with a bit of color change and mixing up the stitch pattern.

I enjoyed making the towels. Now I look forward to making a handbag with spun, navajo plyed and dyed yarn I made. The yarn colorway  grey, white and turquoise merino wool will be for the weft. The warp will be a heavy cotton in black and turquoise warp. Once I start, I’ll get you a sneek peak.

Dish Towel part I

Any ideas for the handles and closure?



4 Responses

  1. Oooo! pretty towels!
    As for the bag, I had really good luck using a nice weathered brown leather belt from the thrift store. I took it to the shoe repairman in town and he cut it and put in a nice brass grommet for $5. It looks classy!

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  3. Perfect colors for this time of year on those towels, Paula.
    For the handbag? hmmmm Navajo dyed grey, white turquoise.
    I think beach tote light sandy, shell colored closures feather or jewel- like and suede braided rope handles for sure. Braid with at least six strands like lasso or horse reining.

    Washed the dog for a second big shed- you are right it will take a while. But I have the pattern already for a summer sweater or a shawl depending on how many skeins I can get.

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