Blown threads of Glass

Dale Chihuily is synonymous with glass blowing. It all started in 1965 when he became captivated with the art. You may have admired his installations, as they are works of art the world over.

His works range from single vessels to multipart compositions. His works include fine vibrant colored glass art, dramatic sculptures and unbelievable chandeliers.Enjoy this artist and his amazing work.



5 Responses

  1. I just saw a special on public television about Chihuily’s studio…did you happen to catch it? they showed the whole process of making these huuuuge platters. very impressive!!

  2. I saw a special on him, it had to be 8 years ago. He used to have a shop up in Seattle, Washington. It is no longer open. I guess he is busy traveling and creating.

  3. There is a beautiful sculpture in the foyer of the Minnesota Institute of Art ( MIA) by this artist. It is spectacular!

  4. Absolutely stunning work. The colour and movement is amazing.

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