Egyptian linen

I was at the Metropolitam Museum of Art yesterday. I got to see Egyptian linen used for mummification from Tutankhahmun’s funeral, 1327 BCE. 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street in NYC.  This exhibit will be there till September 6, 2010.

The linen was spun so very fine. Thiner than thread on a sewing spool. The weaver’s mark was on a piece. Not enough information was given for me. One piece’s caption said it had an s twist. The blue color was indigo. The linen was spun from flax. I would love to have watched this being spun so fine.

Did the weaver spin the thread? What was the dye recipe they used? A drop spindle or wheel? 

The Museum is a great place to go and have fun.

32,000 yr old spun flax


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