Knitting needles seized

20 January 2011   Scotland’s courts seized thousands of knives yesterday…The Scottish Court Service confiscated 2,030 weapons in 2010, compared to 311 in 2007. The weapons included kitchen, Stanley and pen knives, scissors, razor blades and knitting needles.

The minister said the increase could be attributed to improved security in the courts and greater awareness among staff. “The discovery of any weapon, or potential weapon, by staff is immediately reported to police, who have a presence and responsibility for public order in all our court buildings, and successful prosecutions have resulted from the Scottish Court Service’s security arrangements.” He said the actions of the government were working, with a higher police presence in communities and courts and a drop in violent crime.

My thoughts…**I feel so much safer now that they are confiscating knitting needles. What are your thoughts? The number 2 wooden needles are good for knitting and maybe picking something out of your teeth. That is if you are careful not to snap it.**



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