Yarnbombing and color theory

My wanderings on the web brought me to a website dedicated to color. It is called the Aesthetics of Joy. Color is such a big part of my world that I thought I would share with you three photographs that made me take a closer look.

Juliana Santacruz Herrera

Yarnbombing; what fiber artist wouldn’t stop to take a second look?

by Mohammed Babu

The color wheel is always exciting. No less when it is ants who are the colors.

by Mohammed Babu


2 Responses

  1. are the ants real? what an incredible picture! I’m guessing those are jello molds too the ants are feasting at

    • I came across these photographs on the web. It said the ants were real. I don’t know what they are eating but, I do dye yarn with food coloring and it might be just that. The wife of the photographer said that some of the ants ate from different color puddles. The result she saw was a mixing of colors ie: blue and yellow became green.

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