1st Annual Newtown Arts Festival


The Newtown Cultural Arts Center was commissioned by the Board of Selectmen of Newtown, Connecticut to facilitate, stimulate, coordinate, and cooperate with existing town organizations for the development of the arts community.

Congratulations to Sharon Cohen for election to the board.

The festival is planned for September  15 & 16 2012. “The Newtown Arts Festival Artwork Selection Committee invites you to submit your artwork to their contest!  The winning submission will be used to promote the Arts Festival and will appear in businesses and public spaces around Newtown and surrounding towns.  The artwork will also be printed on t-shirts, tote bags, and other items that will be available for purchase at the Newtown Arts Festival.  Imagine your own artwork promoting the 2012 Newtown Arts Festival!”

“Artwork Contest Guidelines and the Newtown Arts Festival Artwork Application are available by clicking links to the left.  Submissions are due to the Festival Artwork Selection Committee c/o Koenig FrameWorks, 97 South Main Street (Route 25), Newtown, CT 06470 beginning February 1 through February 29, 2012 during regular business hours (Monday through Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM). Late entries will not be accepted.  Please call Donna Mangiafico, NCAC Secretary at 203-788-7474 or email her at djmangiafico@aol.com if you have questions.”

The winner gets a $500 prize.

Go here for more info.


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