Color and its use in design

cvetovaya-palitra-3484When it comes to color, it is personal, emotional and we literally wear it on our sleeve. The book “Color: The Professional’s Guide” by Karen Triedman, goes way beyond color theory and into the ever changing way color has influenced our choices. It helps you to understand, appreciate and master color in art and design.

Color is so important in our lives that there is a color of the year. This color is used in fashion, home decor, marketing, advertising… What strikes you first upon entering a yarn shop is as simple as the colors. It is amazing when two or more fiber artists create the exact pattern project in their own color choices and one “pops”.

Every chapter starts off with an interview of an expert in that particular field. Chapters include the science of color, psychological and cultural context of color, appreciating color, color as a dynamic force in design, the color experience and color on the move.  There are over 300 images that help inform, inspire and illustrate color for the designer.

Fiber (knitting, crochet, weaving, dyeing) is a visual art that is affected and affects our day to day lives. This book is a comprehensive reference text that will help educate and elevate your understanding of color and relating it to your design work. If you are serious about your design work, Karen Triedman will show you how to look at color in a new in-depth way. 


Come back soon, we will be talking about this seasons colors to weave, knit, crochet…into your textiles.