A Mobius Cowl


The mobius in knitting is a twisted cowl or neckwarmer. Easy to accomplish when you understand what a mobius strip is. They are popular this winter whether fine and delicate or thick and full of texture.

The cowl meets the mathmatican. It was in 1858 August Ferdinand Mobius discovered this mathematical band for which this strip was named. You can understand it better by taking a rectangular piece of paper and giving it a half twist, then taping the ends together; resulting in a mobius strip. Take a pencil and draw a line down the center of the strip, don’t stop until you end up where you started. It becomes one continuous line. How curious…it only has one side, one surface.

EZ, Elizabeth Zimmerman met up with the mobius back in the 1960s. She knit a cowl, then put a half twist and sewed it together (extrinsic twist -the twist is put in at the final stage). The key to Mobius knitting or crocheting is to use a stitch that on both the front and back looks the same. Then there is the intrinsic twist that is seamless.

The twist is incorporated when the stitches are joined. Circular needles make the cowl easier to knit. Cat Bordhi has a Lacy Mobius Cowl (intrinsic) for you to knit. Now, you can make a cowl into a mobius cowl. Here is an extrinsic scarf by the Knitting Fairy. Try this
hood mobius that can even be worn as a shrug. If you are a beginner, give it a go:

Marian by Jane Richmond has a beautiful cowl pattern using size 19 needles. This mock mobius cowl is a one size fits all. It can be worn in several ways and is very quick to knit. If you are not a ravelry member…what are you waiting for? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/marian-2