Peg Looms and Weaving Sticks


I enjoy weaving on all types of looms. I have my favorites but, love trying different techniques. Some I will get hooked on for awhile (tapestry, pin), other looms are experimental (triangular) and there are those that I find myself warping over and over (my floor and rigid heddle looms). About a year and half ago, I came upon the peg loom.

Being handy with a drill and making a jig to hold the dowels while drilling holes, I created peg looms of my own to give it a try. It was simple to get started and easy enough to get some children at a local “outdoor school” interested in weaving with me. After making some rustic looking wall hangings, we hung them in the woods off of tree branches.

Afterwards, I thought that was neat but, what next? My creativity was stunted so I put the loom on a shelf. I read Noreen Crone-Findlay was coming out with the book,  “Peg Looms and Weaving Sticks” a complete how-to guide and 30+ projects. That piqued my interest. Her book has finally come to market.

The book introduces you to the peg loom and weaving sticks tools, techniques and how to get started. Noreen also shows you how to change colors, weave circles and squares. Everything you need to create rugs, cowl, vest, home decor, dolls and toys, baskets, bowls, tapestry’s and more are included in clear step by step instructions along with photographs to prevent mistakes.

There is a quick reference glossary of weaving terms as well as sources and suppliers for ready made pin looms and weaving sticks for those who don’t have the ability or desire to make it themselves. It is time for me to dust off my peg loom and give it another go, Thank you Noreen.