A Stash by any other Name is a Wonderful Thing to Behold


If fiber is your pastime, you have a stash. It may only be a few skeins of yarn, several pounds of roving in different fibers, dozens of books, numerous tools (knitting needles, crochet hooks, weaving looms, spindles)… The problem is not the stash, the problem is the space to store it.

Knitting author Clara Parkes loves a good stash. Her latest book (hardcover) is an anthology she edited, “A Stash of One’s Own”. The one shy of two dozen short stories are written by experienced stash hounds you probably know. They include designers, bloggers, authors and teachers all whom have a first hand knowledge and confess about owning a stash. You will enjoy, and relate to their experiences on growing a stash, acquiring, inheriting, creating with it, living with it and hinting of seeking help to let go of some of it.

At times a story relates so well that you aren’t sure they haven’t been to your home. Sue Shankle reminds you there is no shame in loving your stash. Best of all, the stories make you realize you are not alone. The book is a perfect size to fit in your bag and take with you. Read from cover to cover in one sitting or spread it out and enjoy a story now and then.

It is February and the winter drags on, the holiday and festivities are over and the pull of adding to your yarn stash might be just what you need to put a smile on your face. I know some of you may have made a New Year’s resolution to control yourself this year and only add a skein or two. I have a solution: Go through your stash, put aside a few skeins of yarn, some duplicate knitting needles, a couple of books or magazines you no longer refer to, a pattern or two you know you will never get around to and have a “Stash Swap Party”.


Make this a themed knitting, crochet…party with a decorated cake, goody bags, and the highlight of a swap. A themed drink is sure to be a hit. There is no need to feel guilty. You will have made space to accommodate you new acquisitions. Pour everyone a glass and read aloud a chapter from Clara’s book. Your party is sure to be a big hit.