Moliver Made is now creating a wide assortment of beautifully

crafted yarns made from natural fibers such as alpaca, bamboo, silk,

cotton and various wools…


3 Responses

  1. Hi – I recently started a craft-related blog –
    I was exploring some of the wordpress features and your blog came up several times in the “tag surfer” section. It looks like you share my interest in dyeing and spinning fiber 🙂 Just wanted to introduce myself and invite you to check out my blog. I’ve had fun reading your posts.
    – katie

    • Hi Katie, I like your header (the bldgs and the fox). Have you tried any plant dyeing? Are the circle throws, knit from yarn you have spun?

  2. Really enjoyed the site – so creative and artsy… Nice job, Kenny!!!

    All this makes me remember my college art classes…. so long ago.

    Thanks for stimulating nice memories with your art and your blog, Paula!

    Hugs, Cindy

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