Technology and the world of fiber


We live in an ever changing world. The Greek philosopher Ηράκλειτος (Herakleitos; Heraclitus) of Ephesus (c.535 BC – 475 BC) said it best, “The only thing constant in life is change”. Fiber and the making of yarn into cloth is up there with the oldest professions. For the longest time there has been little change. Fast forward to this century and the computer has twisted fiber into new gyrations.

Apps, QR codes, eMags, Pinterest and Twitter parties are at the forefront of fiber.


What’s App?

Carl Court - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Looking to correct a mistake in her knitting with her new app

Apps have made a place for themselves in the fiber world. Take them with you on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It’s like carrying your very own expert in your knitting bag.

Technical Made Easy and Interweave have come out with new apps. Learn more.

Pinterest interest?

Have you tried out It is a new online pin board or a social bookmarking tool. Think bulletin board/scrapbook. A place to organize your hobby and share what you enjoy and find interesting. You can comment on others interests, repin what you like onto your own board, or “like” what you like…more

A new addiction to add to your 2012 list.

QR code for knitters

QR code

You have seen them popping up everywhere. It is a Quick Response code in black and white. This matrix barcode is increasing in popularity.  As a result of its ease in reading and the ability of the code to store a large capacity of information in a 2-D format, it is finding its way into mainstream marketing. read more… and see a slideshow, video and get information for a QR code knitting bag patter