Yarn Craft for Pre-K and K


What is the right time to teach fiber crafts? If you have young ones who show an interest in your knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving…., that’s the right time. Even though they are excited to learn, they may not be ready to handle your specific hobby. So start them off with something fun and less complex using just their fingers and yarn to learn new skills.

Getting children interested in fiber crafts at an early age is a great way to share in your fiber pastime. I especially like when the craft is interwoven with learning. Part of the fun is they don’t realize they are learning.

A good way to start is with lacing cards for pre-k. Maybe you remember them? If not, there are numerous sites on the web to make your own. Let your child choose from your yarn basket the color they would like to use. They can learn colors as well as you informing them a bit about the yarn fiber ie: wool from sheep and goats, silk from silkworms, cotton from plants…

Make the cards in geometric shapes, numbers, letters, shape of a shoe for learning to tie, farm animals… Besides all this academic learning fun, hand-eye coordination of fine motor skills tops the learning list. Then it may be onto finger knitting. Usually at the age of five or six, children have enough dexterity to master this skill before it is onto knitting using needles. For older children seven and up a fun scarf can be created using your fingers and ruffle yarn.

Put this on your to-do list to interest a child in learning a fiber craft. Is there a fiber craft you do with your children or grandchildren that everyone enjoys?


Founders May Fair at New Pond Farm in review

Harris Hawk

The 27th Founders Fair was a great success in celebrating spring and the new growing season. The sun was shining over the 102 acre property located at 101 Marchant Road West Redding, Connecticut 06896, 203-938-2117. There were little girls all dressed in pretty sundresses wearing crowns of May flowers in their hair. The boys were excited to see the animals and try their hand at all the activities.

Find out more about this wonderful day.

Summer leg warmers for Babies

Leg warmers for the summer? The perfect accessory for baby. The sun could hide behind a cloud and a cool breeze comes up and all baby has on is a onesie. Just by covering the lower portion of her leg and still allowing her feet and toes to be free, may be all the covering she needs. Your baby will still be comfortable when the sun reappears.

Read more about leg warmers and free patterns.


Knit Whimsy’s clothes and costumes

The book “Playful Little Knits” is Rachel Manring’s way of playing, now that she is an adult. With yarn and her knitting needles, she has designed “costumes and clothes for a simple sewn doll”. The “Whimsy” doll will be well dressed in 14 different outfits ranging from a baby onesie to a rabbit disguise.

Rachel walks you through making the nine inch doll step by step. She shows you how to transfer the pattern to the fabric, cut and stuff, sew, join the limbs and add the details. If you don’t sew, her recommendation is find someone who does. Have them make two dolls, one for you and one for them. You in turn will knit the outfits. Continue reading

Teaching a child to knit

The right age to teach a child to knit is whenever your child shows an interest. Children are not too young to learn if they ask. Usually at the age of five or six, children have enough dexterity to handle the needles. Tying shoes is an easy test. You can also try crochet first, the use of a hook may be easier.

Let the child pick out a chunky yarn of their choosing. A multicolored yarn will help keep them interested. They will be excited to see how the colors knit themselves out. Another fun way to get them started is to help them to dye their own yarn. Also, two different color needles will help make the learning easier. Their own knitting bag is a nice idea.  To find out about the advantages in teaching a child to knit, read on.



The Big Book of Knitted Monsters – book giveaway

The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger is full of adorable monsters to knit. Boys as well as girls would love them. They would also be great to knit for charity. Link to this site for a chance to win your own copy of the book.



Sock monkey gets out of hand

 Sock monkeys are a piece of Americana. In 1890 Nelson Knitting began manufacturing these red heeled work socks. It all began in the early 1900’s when mothers started making stuffed monkeys out of the Original Red Heel socks. The socks are still produced today and they are back to selling the sock in blue. When you purchase a pair of socks, it comes with directions for making your own monkey. They are cute. One pair of socks makes a monkey.

The dress above is “Monkeys gone wild”.  Be creative, take that pair of socks that is just a bit too wild to wear and make them into a stuffed animal. 

See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil….just have fun.

sock monkey coffee cozy