Felt painting

Moy Mackay creates beautiful works of art using fleece, fiber and threads in her book “Art in Felt & Stitch”. It is filled with colorful felt paintings of still-life, animals and landscapes inspired by her home in the Scottish Borders. See how she uses various felt techniques to achieve her paintings.

Felt is one of the earliest fabrics and is older than weaving, spinning and knitting. The book itself is a work of art with the fiber colors jumping off the page in the numerous photographs. Four step by step projects are included with instructional pictures that are clear, detailed and inspiring and numerous. Also included are many examples of her finished pieces.

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Founders May Fair at New Pond Farm in review

Harris Hawk

The 27th Founders Fair was a great success in celebrating spring and the new growing season. The sun was shining over the 102 acre property located at 101 Marchant Road West Redding, Connecticut 06896, 203-938-2117. There were little girls all dressed in pretty sundresses wearing crowns of May flowers in their hair. The boys were excited to see the animals and try their hand at all the activities.

Find out more about this wonderful day.

Beautiful knitted flowers from Nora J. Bellows

Flowers make a great gift but, the book “Noni Flowers” is a beautiful gift in itself. “Noni Flowers” is authored by Nora J. Bellows. It is a book of 40 knitted and felted flower patterns and six projects to adorn and embellish garments, accessories, gift decorations and home decor.

The photographs by R. A. Sullivan are so well done that you feel as though you have just visited a florist or walked through the botanical gardens with Latin names provided. The flowers in all their detail are eye candy.

More about this book and a beautiful slideshow here.

Yarnbombing and color theory

My wanderings on the web brought me to a website dedicated to color. It is called the Aesthetics of Joy. Color is such a big part of my world that I thought I would share with you three photographs that made me take a closer look.

Juliana Santacruz Herrera

Yarnbombing; what fiber artist wouldn’t stop to take a second look?

by Mohammed Babu

The color wheel is always exciting. No less when it is ants who are the colors.

by Mohammed Babu

Hogett shearing

The shearers started early this morning. New Pond Farm had 5 hogett Romneys to shear and a couple of Icelandic sheep. A hogett is a sheep less than a year old and hasn’t been sheared yet.

A hogett’s fiber is soft and fine and is prized when making yarn. Much like human hair, as a babies hair grows into old age, it becomes coarser and a color change takes place. Romney sheep are sheared once a year.

Tillie, the Icelandic sheep was also sheared. Icelandic sheep are sheared twice a year.


Dyeing for dinner

Fiber in Black bean dyebath

The oval cooking pot (Mom's from the 40's

I just finished making my Taco Black bean soup. It called for black beans, can crushed tomatoes, can corn, taco seasoning, ground beef (substituted shredded chicken), sour cream and chips, DINNER!
The most fun of all is that I used the bean “soak water” to dye wool, silk and bamboo fiber that I will spin into yarn. I will let the fibers soak in the dye bath for 48 hours. I expect to get  purple/sliver/blue color. Each fiber will take the dye differently.

Flowers in the dyebath

Dye for wool, silk and bamboo

I also gathered Goldenrod (only the flowers) and will dye fiber with that. A am expecting a yellow/orange, but who knows. When it comes to dyeing it isn’t an exact science…too many variables.

More about fiber

Spanish moss

Spanish moss goes by many names. Florida moss, long moss and greybeard.  It is an airfern, Making its own food. This type of plant is an epiphyte.

I was just in South Carolina and had to take some home with me for dyeing. The color is supposed to be a golden tan. I have it soaking until I start the cooking process. I already have the yarn I plan to dye.  It is a basic recipe using alum and cream of tartar as the mordants (French for bite). 

Will show you when it’s done.

Check out my dyeing with dandelions.

FYI: Spanish moss is used as stuffing for very expensive furniture.