Preppers: knitting bug-out bag essentials

True Preppers are people preparing for a catastrophic event, possibly even a doomsday scenerio. If this is all new to you, you have had your head too deeply into your knitting. Don’t worry, by the end of this article you will be prepared. You may not be prepared for the end of the world but, you will be prepared for an unexpected wait in a hospital waiting room, an evacuation due to flooding or even waiting for AAA to come fix a flat.

Cafe Press has a bumper sticker that says it all,”I am developing a post apocalyptic skill set”. The goal of a Prepper is self-sufficiency. Knitting today, spinning tomorrow. Maybe it is time to learn to spin. Then you would have no shortage of yarn to knit. You could trade some yarn back to the sheep farmer for more roving.

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Knitting Podcasts

podcast n. a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar programme, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player. Oxford English dictionary 

You can download it off the computer onto your ipod (or equivalent) or listen to it on itunes on your computer. The follow Knitting podcasts  are free. 

Podcasts come in all subjects, topics and themes. Download and go.


Knitting = happiness

“We don’t knit to make things. There are cheaper, faster and easier ways to obtain a sweater than to knit. We knit to make ourselves happy. We are in charge of getting the most joy out of our yarns and stitches.”
                                            -Anne Modesitt, author of Confessions of a Knitting heretic

knitting socks

I like making a piece of string into something I can wear. ~ Author Unknown

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. – Oscar Wilde