Yulia Ustinova

hooked sculptires

hooked sculptires

Yulia (Julia) is a crochet artist of voluptuous naked women. She resides in Moscow, Russia. She obtained her degree from Moscow Printing Arts.

Her sculptures are of women at play with a hula hoop, sunbathing, showering… funny, thoughtful and created with a hook.

Breast cancer month – knit for the cure

ImageOctober is breast cancer awareness month. Connecticut (statistics as of 2008) has the second highest rate of breast cancer (down from the number one slot in 2003) in this country and comes in second for the highest rates of all cancers among females. This state has the oldest tumor registry in the United States and has been tracking tumors since 1935. From Environment and Human Health Inc., see the slideshow to see the map of Connecticut and the areas of high incidence of breast cancer.

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Newtown Arts Festival is around the corner

The Newtown Arts Festival is to be held, Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16, 2012 at the Fairfield Hills (Trade Lane) in Newtown, Connecticut. The hours are 9 – 6 p.m., rain or shine. Admission is $5. Children 12 and under are free.
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Historical fiber in the Mid East

On a trip to Israel: I knit in public for WWKIP (world wide knit in public day) and visited the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
Cultures meet

                        Spindles and needles for weaving BCE  over 2000 years old

  Spindle weights and flax



Granny is no square

For those crocheters who don’t give granny squares a glance, try taking a look at “Granny Squares”. “Granny Squares” the latest book in this genre has over 25 creative ways to crochet the classic pattern and is written by Stephanie Gohr, Melanie Sturm and Barbara Wilder. It is worth a look.

There are many more than a dozen different square designs to crochet. That alone is worth turning the pages. Primrose, Netting and Cornflower squares are my favorites. Color choice and yarn fiber help to make these patterns fit into contemporary home decor and fashion. Granny squares are a great yarn stash buster. No matter what granny square pattern you choose, they all start from the center. For more about this book…

An unbroken thread

A white board, some nails and a single unbroken black thread by Kumi Yamashita

SOAR 2012

Do you spin? SOAR is having their 30th Anniversary retreat October 21 – 27 in Tahoe City, California. Would you like to to take your fiber knowledge for a spin? At this autumn retreat you will have the opportunity to increase your spinning skills.

Spinning is all about the making of yarn. With 16 teachers to help you obtain the knowledge and improve your techniques, you will find yourself spinning and creating beautiful hand spun. Yarns, that is. Register now for workshops and lodging choices.

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