amigurimi animals photo by nhoi222

Amigurumi is the combination of the Japanese word ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll. These are Japanese knitted or crocheted small stuffed animals, food and toys, though most patterns are for crochet. The figures are crocheted in a spiral and the sections are then joined.  The yarn is worked on small needles and hooks making a tight fabric so as not to allow stuffing to work its way through.  Usually amigurumi have enlarged heads relative to their bodies…this is what makes them appealing.

amigarumi pig

There are a few steps (amigurumi tutorials)that are easy to learn, even for a beginner crocheter or knitter. Once mastered, you will find you have the skills for making your own designs.  This is a relatively new technique that has stormed the US. It’s a great craft to use up all that leftover yarn you have been saving. They work up quick and make cute gifts.

Have fun.

Amigurumi toy box