Vogue Knitting Live recap

Vogue Knitting Live was three days of fashion, fiber and education. This event took place this past weekend, January 14 – 16. In Sheep’s Clothing chartered a bus to the show on Sunday. The yarn shop is located at 98 Main St, Torrington, CT. 06790, 860-482-3979.

The show was not just for knitters, but also spinners, weavers and dyers. There were free demonstrations, free learn to knit classes, non-stop knitwear fashion shows on both floors and classes, classes, classes. Also shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Glitz and glitter were everywhere. Yarn this spring will sparkle with beads and sequins. One ball skeins of the softest cashmere and Quiviut will be made into skinny scarves. Skirts, that’s right, knitted skirts, but not the A-lines of years past.

photo by Ginger Balch of In Sheep's Clothing

Here are more highlights of what the show had to offer.


Yarnbombing and color theory

My wanderings on the web brought me to a website dedicated to color. It is called the Aesthetics of Joy. Color is such a big part of my world that I thought I would share with you three photographs that made me take a closer look.

Juliana Santacruz Herrera

Yarnbombing; what fiber artist wouldn’t stop to take a second look?

by Mohammed Babu

The color wheel is always exciting. No less when it is ants who are the colors.

by Mohammed Babu

Dyeing for dinner

Fiber in Black bean dyebath

The oval cooking pot (Mom's from the 40's

I just finished making my Taco Black bean soup. It called for black beans, can crushed tomatoes, can corn, taco seasoning, ground beef (substituted shredded chicken), sour cream and chips, DINNER!
The most fun of all is that I used the bean “soak water” to dye wool, silk and bamboo fiber that I will spin into yarn. I will let the fibers soak in the dye bath for 48 hours. I expect to get  purple/sliver/blue color. Each fiber will take the dye differently.

Flowers in the dyebath

Dye for wool, silk and bamboo

I also gathered Goldenrod (only the flowers) and will dye fiber with that. A am expecting a yellow/orange, but who knows. When it comes to dyeing it isn’t an exact science…too many variables.

More about fiber


The Bad Artists Imitate
The Great Artists Steal
Gallery II
Solo Exhibition

Olek is having a crochet exhibit, August 10, 2011 through August 27, 2011 at the Johathan Levine Gallery located 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor New York, NY 10011. It is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., 212-243-3822.

The Jonathan LeVine Gallery is presenting new work by  New York-based artist Olek, in  her first solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibit features a site-specific installation of crochet sculptures and canvases. The exhibit title comes from  a work created by Bansky a world-renowned British street artist. He carved a quote by Pablo Picasso into stone and crossed out the late artist’s name and added his own.

Olek has yarnbombed people and objects with crochet—including Wall Street’s Charging Bull sculpture. Agata Oleksiak was born in Poland in 1978.

And the Bride wore wool

                                                                                           Louise Fairburn was wed in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire in a dress from her rare longwool sheep. It took 67 hours for a spinner and dressmaker to create. The cost is approx $2250 US.



  • The Lincoln Longwool is the largest British sheep, developed to produce the heaviest, longest and most lustrous fleece of any sheep in the world.
  • Its versatile fleece was the basis of eastern England’s prosperity until the coming of cotton and the breed was exported around the Empire.
  • It is now one of Britain’s rarer breeds, classed as ‘at risk’ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, with fewer than 1,000 registered breeding females in the UK.






Million dollar knitted dress

Forget banks…with the interest rate at a low…shred it and wear it.Here is a close-up.
“Pulp Fiction-Fuller Art Craft Museum” displayed this dress as the result of a paper dress challenge. The museum is located in Broxton, Massachusetts. If you are interested in spinning your own, to knit or crochet a dress, sweater or scarf…you can start with newspaper. In “Spinning-give it a whorl” click on “yesterdays news” and get step by step instructions. 

Would love to see your results.

Different as night and day

The living room above is modern.The living in this picture is ahhh??????  Which apartment does she live in?

Their very own knitting styles. Knitting can be very expressive.