Knit Your Own Cat

Thirty-three percent of households in the United States own at least one cat. Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne have made it possible for you to own a cat without the care and maintenance. “Knit Your Own Cat” is their latest book after “Knit Your Own Dog”.

Knitters and cat lovers alike will enjoy the easy to follow patterns for 16 frisky felines. Whether you prefer a street cat or a pedigree like a Turkish Van, you can have one, both or all 16. You can knit them with step-by-step instructions. The cats cover all knitting skill levels.

For more info on knitting a cat or dog.


Circular Knitting Workshop

Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe is filled with essential techniques to master knitting in the round. It is a comprehensive guide that is for all knitting levels. Margaret even shows you how to convert flat patterns to circular and make your own charts.

John Polak was the photographer of this book and he was very busy. You might think of it as as a picture book with words. The book is an over sized paperback with 300 plus pages. Whether this will be your first attempt or you have been circular knitting for quite some time, there is a lot you will learn step by step. read more


Knit Local

Tanis Gray“Knit Local” celebrates America’s homegrown yarn and is written by Tanis Gray. The book includes 30+ beautiful fashions, accessories and home décor projects to knit and crochet. The projects are made with yarns manufactured and sold in North America.

“Knit Local” is all about preserving the local mom and pop businesses, protecting our environment and caring for the livestock as humanely as possible. Also, it is knowing as much about your yarn, what sheep or farm it came from and ending up with a shawl, hat, sweater, cowl, socks…(patterns included in her book), to knit a connection with. More on sustainability and Tanis’s book


Vintage knitted designs are romantic

“A Handknit Romance” by Jennie Atkinson is a book to fall in love with. When you think of vintage fashion and romance are you brought back to a more nostalgic time? Does the memory revolve around lace, beads and delicate fine yarns of cotton and silk?

If you are into vintage fashion you will enjoy viewing the photographs in this book. Each design has a drawing of a vintage outfit, along with a bit of history and some inspiration thrown into the 22 design interpretations. For a bit more on these delicate knits.

Felt your cat

Crafting with Cat Hair is written by Kaori Tsutaya and translated by Amy Hirschman. If you enjoy wet and/or needle felting and have a cat, this book is for you.

Is this extreme? No more extreme than knitting with sheep wool or musk ox. No more out of the box than crocheting with Angora rabbit fur or using soy and milk casein for weaving, or spinning your dog’s fur.   Continue reading: