Furoshiki s the the art of wrapping gifts with fabric. The plus side is you save money, help the environment and don’t have to wait on a long line at the landfill to throw out all the wrappings from the holidays.

This is not a new idea…it is just being presented to the rest of the world at this time. ¬†Japan, China, Korea , India, Turkey etc…have been using this technique for ages. It has been used to carry all kinds of articles, in place of bags we use here in the States. Another plus is that they are made with a handle for easy carrying. If the tie is made loosely, it can be carried over the shoulder.

Today the cloth is made from cotton or polyester. The colors and patterns help to express the givers personality. The cloth comes in all sizes, from a small to square to tablecloth size. When not in use as a bag, the cloth can be used as a scarf, tablecloth or placemat. 

Think green. The cloth that is used has two right sides, or two cloths are sewn together. Think about trying this idea the next time you pass a fabric store. They always have something on sale.

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