Customize Your Crochet


Maybe it is time to break out of your comfort zone. Do you take a pattern and use the recommended type of yarn, even the exact color the designer chose when you crochet? Sara Delaney has the perfect book for you to “Design Your Own Crochet Projects”. No worries! She walks you through every step with her unique design course.

You can dive in for advanced crocheters or for beginners…start with 18 sample patterns to build up your skills. There are templates to create one-of-a-kind gloves, Crocheted socks, hats, cowls… The book starts with a chapter on yarns and swatching (journaling the pattern). Learn to measure the lucky person who will receive the finished project for an exact fit. A fill-in formula helps you to figure out yarn requirements.

Then explore the stitch dictionary of 31 crochet stitches with written instructions. All this is compiled inside a hardcover spiral book that lies flat for ease. There are step by step photographs of how to work stitch abbreviations and definitions. The book is clearly laid out to increase your skills. So, start with a scarf and choose your stitch, scarf size (standard measurements are given), continue to follow the formula to design the scarf. Work your way up to socks and slippers.

Design your own crochet projects painlessly. You can consider yourself a designer after the first project. Let me know what you designed. See you in the magazines.


Granny is no square

For those crocheters who don’t give granny squares a glance, try taking a look at “Granny Squares”. “Granny Squares” the latest book in this genre has over 25 creative ways to crochet the classic pattern and is written by Stephanie Gohr, Melanie Sturm and Barbara Wilder. It is worth a look.

There are many more than a dozen different square designs to crochet. That alone is worth turning the pages. Primrose, Netting and Cornflower squares are my favorites. Color choice and yarn fiber help to make these patterns fit into contemporary home decor and fashion. Granny squares are a great yarn stash buster. No matter what granny square pattern you choose, they all start from the center. For more about this book…

Vogue’s Crochet 2012 special collector’s issue

The last Vogue magazine dedicated to crochet was back in 1994. Seventy percent of today’s knitters, crochet. Crochet designs have come a long way. You can see them everywhere from the runway to the classroom.

There are jewelry designs you can crochet with thread. Baubles, bangles and beads can be incorporated into your crochet to accent your garments with flair. And crochet designs do have flair, just look at the cover. From the articles to the patterns, this magazine will have you taking out your crochet hook.
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Summer leg warmers for Babies

Leg warmers for the summer? The perfect accessory for baby. The sun could hide behind a cloud and a cool breeze comes up and all baby has on is a onesie. Just by covering the lower portion of her leg and still allowing her feet and toes to be free, may be all the covering she needs. Your baby will still be comfortable when the sun reappears.

Read more about leg warmers and free patterns.



Imagine eavesdropping on a conversation of knitters and/or crocheters and you hear a language you are not totally comprehending. Ewebonics* is a language all its own. It is a non standard form of American English that is embraced by “fiber lovers”. You may have heard some of these words or read them. Some terms or acronyms may be new to you. This is a small sampling to get you started.

Whenever you start a new hobby it is best to familiarize yourself with the lingo. This is a small sampling to get you started. A – M, N – Z.





amigurimi animals photo by nhoi222

Amigurumi is the combination of the Japanese word ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll. These are Japanese knitted or crocheted small stuffed animals, food and toys, though most patterns are for crochet. The figures are crocheted in a spiral and the sections are then joined.  The yarn is worked on small needles and hooks making a tight fabric so as not to allow stuffing to work its way through.  Usually amigurumi have enlarged heads relative to their bodies…this is what makes them appealing.

amigarumi pig

There are a few steps (amigurumi tutorials)that are easy to learn, even for a beginner crocheter or knitter. Once mastered, you will find you have the skills for making your own designs.  This is a relatively new technique that has stormed the US. It’s a great craft to use up all that leftover yarn you have been saving. They work up quick and make cute gifts.

Have fun.

Amigurumi toy box