Vogue Knitting Live recap

Vogue Knitting Live was three days of fashion, fiber and education. This event took place this past weekend, January 14 – 16. In Sheep’s Clothing chartered a bus to the show on Sunday. The yarn shop is located at 98 Main St, Torrington, CT. 06790, 860-482-3979.

The show was not just for knitters, but also spinners, weavers and dyers. There were free demonstrations, free learn to knit classes, non-stop knitwear fashion shows on both floors and classes, classes, classes. Also shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Glitz and glitter were everywhere. Yarn this spring will sparkle with beads and sequins. One ball skeins of the softest cashmere and Quiviut will be made into skinny scarves. Skirts, that’s right, knitted skirts, but not the A-lines of years past.

photo by Ginger Balch of In Sheep's Clothing

Here are more highlights of what the show had to offer.


Kumihimo the art of Japanese braiding

Kumihimo is the art of the Japanese braid. It translates as braided cord.  An ancient Japanese fiber technique that enables the creation of beautiful, aesthetic, and functional braiding through interlacing.  Kumihimo braids are versatile and may be used in apparel design, accessories, jewelry making and sculpture. for more

If you knit and have used icord in the past, maybe it is time to try a new technique to dress up your knitting. Beads and knitting are gaining in popularity.

Pantone set the colors for spring

When Pantone splashes a color, people swatch.

Pantone's Orange

Spring 2012


Whether you are a fashion designer in New York or a fiber artist in New Haven, you take the time to know the color trends. This spring, the color of the season is Tangerine Orange. It is out there and getting noticed. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®, says the pick of colors for spring 2012 convey energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day. Here’s more

Clutch – this Spring’s must have


Clutch, handbag, hand held purse, wristlet, pocketbook whatever you call it, we can’t leave home without it. I don’t know if a clutch would fall under the heading of an accessory. More like necessity. This Spring you will see them everywhere. Especially since the fashion trend is knitted bags…more

This might be the perfect time to take up knitting. The projects are small and don’t require much yarn.