Arnie & Carlos

Image Arne and Carlos live North of Oslo where the winter comes early and with that snow, cold and the sun barely rises. This allows for a lot of knitting time. The guys run a knitwear design company.

Now you have the opportunity to knit “Easter Knits”, “Knitted Dolls” and “55 Christmas Balls” for yourself in their style. Pick up one of their books. You will find you won’t stop smiling. Their books are almost magical in their miniature vignettes. There is so much to look at in their photographs. The patterns are great yarn stash busters too.

Spring/summer knitting

You are sure to give the cover of the spring/summer 2013 Debbie Bliss magazine a second look. Turbans are the trend and this Great Gatsby design is so pretty, you will want to knit one up today.



More about what’s inside

Knit Turban

Turban doll

Turbans are this spring’s fashion hair accessory. Perfect for the bad hair day. Barbie has on a tuban designed in the 1940’s. You can see other knit items for Barbie here:

This is the pattern for an adult sized Turban, the one Barbie is wearing. It is worked on size 3 knitting needles and is knit in the moss stitch requiring 800+ yds of fingering weight yarn doubled throughout. The result is a thick and warm head covering.



Russian hats to knit

ImageUshanka, shapka, troopers and the bombers hat are all similar. They have fur, ear flaps, a visor and chin strap. Ushanka is the Russian word for earflap. The Red Army wore this head covering as part of their uniform to keep them warm and protect their head upon impact with packed snow.

Faux fur yarn or the Astrakhan stitch can help you achieve the look you are going after for your handknit/crochet hat. Try the pattern from Drop Designs and/or TSC that follows

Breast cancer month – knit for the cure

ImageOctober is breast cancer awareness month. Connecticut (statistics as of 2008) has the second highest rate of breast cancer (down from the number one slot in 2003) in this country and comes in second for the highest rates of all cancers among females. This state has the oldest tumor registry in the United States and has been tracking tumors since 1935. From Environment and Human Health Inc., see the slideshow to see the map of Connecticut and the areas of high incidence of breast cancer.

For more info click here.

Historical fiber in the Mid East

On a trip to Israel: I knit in public for WWKIP (world wide knit in public day) and visited the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
Cultures meet

                        Spindles and needles for weaving BCE  over 2000 years old

  Spindle weights and flax



Skinny scarf trending for summer

The linen stitch, knit into a skinny scarf is the popular summer trend. Worked in lightweight variegated yarns makes a splash of any outfit. Knit in silk, linen, cotton or a blend of these fibers will result in a scarf with nice drape. The linen stitch makes a compact but not rigid fabric.

Following is a pattern for the linen scarf that is worked lengthwise. Tip: Using circular needles as straight knitting needles might be the best way to work with the large number of stitches. Five to six feet is a nice length for wrapping around your neck a time or two.
Here for the pattern.