Spinning on the Fringe

sewing machineThat’s Doreen and Barbara checking over the “White” 1950’s sewing machine I donated to my weaving class. I had been storing this in the garage. The goal is to get a car in there before winter.

I took my rag rug off the loom today…my first project. When its done “I think” it would look cute in my daughter’s college dorm room. The plan is to finish off  the rug with fringe, using the Conair Hair BraiderconairbraiderI got this on ebay. It was a toy for tweens maybe 5 years ago. It is perfect for making a Z and or S twist.





I put six strands of weft in each of two clips on the hair braider. Spun them in a Z direction and then flipped the switch down (battery operated) and spun an S twist. I then knotted it. Voila! Even, neat and very professional looking.



Fait Accompli

Herringbone neck warmer:

herringbone frontherringbone back Hand dyed, spun and knit  – Buttons are handmade mapletropicalfish yarnballMoliverMade

That project didn’t take very long once I knew what I was doing.  I took the liberty of sewing the buttons in place.  This now requires slipping over your head to wear. I guess what I like about the whole process is the surprise factor. It begins with dyeing, then spinning, even winding into a ball and knitting the fiber into a finished piece. Every step of the way the outcome is different then what you expect. The results are exciting. Enjoying the summer…but looking forward to the cooler weather and wearing my new neck warmer.