Day Lillies are everywhere. My plan is to collect the day old flowers until I can get enough to use for a dye. Alum is the mordant.

I have been spinning up the rhubarb dyed wool with some dark green. I am thinking of making this a 2 ply yarn with itself…possibly using for socks. Maybe I will leave this as a single ply and use it as the weft for making a cover for a ladies bench I have. That’s a lot of my problem right there. When I make yarn for myself, I bounce around for awhile as to what the final use will n rhubarb on spool



matzoh ball fleece     wool balls copyThis is what I came up with for the scrap fleece. I felted these balls. They are fist full size and squishy, with a firm core. I used a felting needle. MacGyver uses them for juggling. The kids and I just throw them around.

Here is a picture of the rhubarb plant in my yard, using the leaves for mordant and the roots for dye.rhubarb copy

So far I haven’t used the stalks for pies. We planted these to fill up a large space that needed quick, tall and attractive growth. It far exceeded our expectations. 

This is the color that resulted on a test swatch.rhubarb dyed wool copy I would call it “Old Gold”rhubarb dyed wool knitted2 copy