Elderly Irish woman at a spinning wheel


Elderly Spinnera

Elderly Spinnera

Photo 1890-1900. Published no later than 1905.


MacGyver’s Wheel

This is a homemade version of a spinning wheel. It happens to work nicely. A friend of mine in Maine had the Singer sewing machine treadle base in her barn. She bought it several years ago from a tag sale, hoping it would help her speed up wreath making. That never came to pass.  MacGyver saw it and the light bulb went off in his head. As a result I have a new/old spinning wheel for my summer cabin and the friend whose treadle this was….will now get it back to “overwinter”. I gave her a quick spinning lesson and she took to it like a moth to wool.

singer wheel

mushroom sceneryWith all the rain the New England area has been getting….Mushrooms are plentiful. Since there are so many to be had, I am thinking mushroom dye. Everything I have read said  “No Mordant Required”.mushroom dyeThis is my strained mushroom dye. From the picture I can see it will require a finer strain to eliminate all that mushroom particulate.

feLooking through the shed I came across this old rusty bucket. In a dyeing frame of mind I found a quick solution for  an iron mordant.