Tramp Art

When you think of Tramps you may also think of Hobos.
Hobos were wanderers. You may remember them as hopping a ride on the rails. They would work to earn a meal or a few cents. Tramps didn’t work. They existed by thievery and begging. These two groups lived in different worlds, though shared the same places.

Tramp art is “folk art” chip carving using recycled wooden cigar boxes and a pocket knife. ┬áThis art form flourished from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. A technique of notching and layering was used. The designs are noted by the pyramids formed from the layering of pieces upon themselves getting smaller and smaller in size. Geometric patterns (circles, squares, and triangles) were most often used.

The finished items were practical and functional.

Knitting examiner